Monday, August 9, 2010

Harli's 'H'

This is the wall decoration I made for Harli's room a couple of weeks ago. I was super excited to finish it because it took forever to do! I'm pretty happy with it though - it's just happy. :)
I'm thirty weeks along now, and I'm starting to get ANTSY! I just want to meet this little girl... But then I also have to remind myself in the same breath not to get too excited, and just enjoy this "alone time" I have with Mike while I still have it - because Heaven knows, life as the Orencoles know it is about to change big time.
I'm slowly getting used to Starkville/the South. The heat is becoming bareable and the culture is starting to make a little sense... The thing I miss the most about home (besides family and friends) are the mountains (which is funny because I never realized how much I loved them until I didn't have them around anymore.). So enjoy them for me while you're there, would ya?!
Mike is ROCKING school. Seriously. He is doing really well and I'm so so proud. :)
That's about the extent of our excitement for now... Keep in touch 'yall.