Friday, September 23, 2011


(See!  This is what happens when I get a facebook.  I slack on the blog.  Sorry.)
As of late little Miss Harli has become...... mischievous. 
Very mischievous.
She is into EVERYTHING!  She does not discriminate- toilet, dog food/water, electrical cords, cupboards, you name it.  (I thought this wasn't supposed to come until they could walk?  Which, she can do by the way, but she just doesn't feel like it yet.  Really.  She's already got an attitude.)

Here she is caught in the act:

This is her walker, which I found her helping herself into the other day...

...and back out.

If we didn't close the door to the kennel, she'd be in it WITH Fergie.
(This isn't the greatest picture, but her face says it all!) I usually put her in her Johnny-Jump-Up while I get in the shower so she can't get into too much trouble while I'm preoccupied....  I guess didn't worry about the TP!  She was so pleased with herself!

All I can say is thank goodness for child-proofing gadgets!  ...and doors.  :)
Besides running around cleaning up all of Harli's messes, I haven't been up to too much.  I am planning her FIRST Birthday party though!  Can you believe she will be one in just a week and a half!?  Where has the time gone?
As for Mike, to say he is busy is an understatement.  On top of his Scout Master calling, they have called him to be the first counselor in the Young Men's, which would be busy enough, let alone his school schedule.  This week alone he had FOUR tests, and THREE next week.  Last week he did his very first surgery on a live animal.  SO exciting!!  And he will do his first spay this coming week, which is also quite cool (but very stressful).  Needless to say, the poor guy just needs a vacation!  I am SOO proud of him for putting in so much hard work.  He is amazing to me!

And this is WAY late, but while we were in Utah, we got some family pictures taken with Mike's family.  I'll put more on later, but here is a preview: