Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally! A house tour.

Hi! Welcome to our home!
Yes, Mike did all of that yard work. He's awesome at man stuff like that. :)
The condensed version of the back yard...

The shed. (It really is manly on the inside, I promise...)
See, I told you!
Inside the shed - (this picture was taken before Mike rewired the whole thing and installed 3 shop lights and a motion sensored light on the outside all by himself. He did a really great job.)
One of my favorite places in the house. I'm surprised that couch doesn't have a little worn out patch where I like to curl up.
Living room
Note here: when we moved in, these cupboards were kind of really ugly. They were the fake brown manufactured stuff. So we decided to jazz them up a bit and paint and antique them... We banged them out in about 2 1/2 days (which was pretty amazing considering when we painted the cupboards in our old house it took almost a week). We still have a bit we'd like to do, like a backsplash, but that's on the back burner for now.
Dining room
I love this little corner or the dining room - a table full of family. :)
Side A of the office
Side B of the office
My little desk area of the office. :)
Guest bathroom
This is where our spoiled dogs spend 90% of their day, asleep.
Our (mis-matched, hodge-podge) bedroom
Harli's room
These organizer bins are SO SO cute. Loooove Target! :)
The master bath - it has two kind of rooms to it. This half...
And that half...
...And that's our house! Feel free to visit any time... :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Coating Ceremony

Getting a little blog-happy here.... ha ha

Here at Mississippi State Vet School, they do a little ceremony the first day of classes called the Coating Ceremony. During the ceremony they have each member of the class go on stage and a vet places a lab coat on them, welcoming them into the field of veterinary medicine. It was really neat. This sounds like a little love-fest for my husband, but it makes me so proud! They all looked so official. It's weird to think in four years he'll be a "real" DOCTOR! (Yay for that!) ("real:" kind of an inside joke. MSU CVMs have this joke that "real" doctors treat more than one species. ha ha)
MSU CVM Class of 2014
This picture is kind of nerdy, but I had to post it... It reminds me of all those pictures my mom has of me when I was young, starting my new schools, with my little backpack, holding my lunch box. :)

Macho, macho, macho maaan

Mike has a good friend, Kaleb. (I really do believe they were separated at birth. They're like twins. Talk the same, react the same, think the same... crazy.) And as we all know, Mike has two homes - one of them being the gym (also Kaleb's other home). For a while, Kaleb and Mike lifted together, and right before we left, Kaleb's sister, Randi, who is really into photography came and did a mini photo shoot with the twins while they lifted. So we just got the pictures back. They are so cool - they totally show off the boys' personalities and their true intensity when they hit the gym. I'm proud to call him mine. :)

"The twins"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another little update.

So... Mike has started school finally. They're really still just in the orientation stages, but it's school nonetheless. He is so excited! I'm not sure which he's more excited for - to learn the stuff or to get the books! :) ...which are RIDICULOUSLY expensive by the way.
Mississippi is still great.
Other than the "Fourth-of-July-a-mony" last Sunday, the ward is awesome too. We've already made some great friends. I'm so glad to have that base. I'd be SO bored and even more homesick without it.
...Speaking of which... The closest temple to us is 3 hours away in Memphis. So we decided to make a day out of it last Saturday and get a session in before things got too hecktic around here. So we head to Memphis... Three hours later we arrive in Memphis... Drive up to the front gates... "Hmmm.... Sure looks dead around here...." "Well, let's call their number." "Hello, you have reached the Memphis temple. Just a reminder, we will be closed Saturday, July 3 for the holiday." UUUGGHH!!!!! That sucked. Call us true Utahans, but don't they get Monday off?? Needless to say, it kind of truned out to be a crummy day, having to drive for 6 hours to do nothing. (Not much to see in Memphis. It's actually kind of a hole to be honest.) Guess we learned our lesson, huh.
We've finally finished unpacking though (well, except for Harli's room) and painting Harli's room and the kitchen cabinets, which feels really nice. I love our house! It's just perfect for us. (I'll post some pictures soon.)
In the mean time, I'm just hanging out at home while Mike is at school. I actually really like it. It's a nice change. My nesting instinct has kicked in, and when I'm done, Harli's room is going to rock! ;)
Pictures coming soon!
Miss y'all.