Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let there be lights!

So, if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and take a look at my house. Wow.
Clark Grizwald aint got nothin' on Mike.


Our Thanksgiving was wonderful! It was really nice to be able to get together with the whole family and not worry about much.
...except for pie fillings.
Oh boy. Let me tell ya this story!
This year, my mom put me in charge of some of the pie fillings for Thanksgiving. No problem, right? Uh, not so much (for me, anyway). My cousin (who is a culinary genius) that was in charge of some of the other pie fillings and crusts, emailed me a recipe of hers and told me it was super easy... I was confident that I could do it... even though it had some ingredients I wasn't super acquainted with. Long story short - I ended up adding CUPS of flour instead of TEASPOONS of flour. Can you say DUH, BETH!!? I felt like an idiot when I realized what I did. (Now with help from Grama and Ma) We scrapped the whole batch (which I had already tripled) and started all over with a new recipe. Oy. What a learning experience.Patient little Grama helping with the re-mix of the fillings. (Which finally turned out, thank goodness!)
Grampa Schwartz - Bless his heart. We love him. :) (And Tucker-my brother's dog)
In other news - Mike and I had our second anniversary last week. ;) He sent me a dozed roses at work. I love it when he does that! It has been a wonderful two years. I love you, Mike! We had agreed that re-doing our kitchen would be our present to each other.... Which brings me to the next point.
Our kitchen! It's finally finished! I think it looks great. I'm so happy with it. (Thank you, dear!)Before...

Monday, November 23, 2009


Can I just tell you how excited I am for Thanksgiving!? Good food and family - what more do you need?

Family Pictures!

A couple of weeks ago, my side of the family had family pictures taken... We had then taken in Salt Lake at Wheeler Farms. This was Mike's first time ever doing family pictures, so it was quite an experience for him, I'm sure! ha ha We had a good time though. We even got to have the dogs in a couple of shots. I was so proud of our little ones - they were so well behaved and photogenic! :)

This on is my very favorite! ;)
THAT is trouble! ...Cute trouble, nonetheless.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Well, you missed it.

Our Halloween party was ROCKIN'! We all had so much fun. Thanks to everyone that came.

We kinda forgot to get a picture while every one was there, so this is most everyone... Frandsens - "School of Rock-ers"; Browns - Cool dude, and cute witch; Livingstons - Curt Cobaine and Courtney Love (my favorite!); Us - Popeye and Olive Oyl; Binghams - Treasure Troll and Army Guy
Ladies of the night -
Who picked that pose of mine? Geez. And I did it all night in every picture too. What a dork.
We swear they are fake, bishop! ha ha
Funny story about this can... We were all dressed up, ready to go, the party was started, and Jana said to Mike that he should have a can of spinach to complete his costume (I forgot to get that part...). So Mike looked in the pantry to grab a can of green beans and just write 'spinach' on the label, and lo and behold, we had a can of POPEYE's spinach! I never buy canned spinach! What a coincidence.
This is Mike's pumpkin. This was ALL FREEHAND. Seriously. He had fun carving it and making a mess of my house. :)