Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Projects

We've had summer projects out the wazoo, but are so glad to have them all done!

Summer project #1:

Kitchen backsplash

While I was in Utah, the kitchen fairy/husband visited and left a backsplash!!

I was SO surprised!

If you recall, this is how my kitchen used to look...

But now...

Much better!

Thank you, hubby!

Summer project #2:

Cement/ patio revamp

(This picture doesn't show very well, but Mike poured the cement the firepit is sitting on, and also the cement under the chair. He also built that little table!)

He also poured a sidewalk along the garage and a driveway (not pictured) for his bike into the garage.

Summer Project #3:
Finish bedroom

If you remember this awful moment in our lives..........
-ripping the ceiling, old insulation, and support beams out
-pulling all the furniture out
-treating for mold spores ...scrubbing, bleaching, scrubbing, treating, scrubbing some more...
-reinstalling beams, insulation, drywall
-installing furring strips for the new ceiling tiles
-installing ceiling tiles
-putting up new crown molding
-reorganizing furniture
-cleaning it all over one last time.....
It's FINALLY over!!!!! Our bedroom is back together and useable again!! Woohoo!
Not that a permanent sleepover in the front room wasn't fun for a whole month...... I'm just glad to sleep in my own bed!

...And now that it's all done, we're just in time for us to start the school year. Phew! Where'd the summer go!?? :)

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